Amplify User Insights, Simplify Business Formations, and Revenue Optimization

A spotlight on new interested integrations on Integrations directory

Amplify User Insights,  Simplify Business Formations, and  Revenue Optimization
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We’re approaching a whopping 1000 integrations in the directory and I wanted to spotlight some of the new additions. In this post, we will explore:
  • A tool that streamlines your feedback management
  • An API for white labeling company formation
  • An intelligent integration for maximizing your revenue
Ready to dive in? Let's go!

Elevate Product Development with Canny’s Feedback Management

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What’s the Integration: Canny is a comprehensive tool that helps you capture, organize, and analyze product feedback. From feature requests to idea management, this platform empowers product teams to make data-driven decisions that enhance customer experience and boost product development.
Why it’s exciting: Canny streamlines your entire feedback management process, ensuring that no valuable insight gets lost in the shuffle. By automatically following up with users after feature releases, you can keep the feedback loop strong and everyone engaged.
How to Leverage It:
  • Streamline Your Idea Management Process: Canny's idea management software helps you extract key insights from your ideas, facilitating you to build better products.
  • Manage Internal Feedback: As your team grows, feedback can become difficult to manage. Canny makes it simple to collect, organize, and analyze feedback from your team.
  • Keep Your Users Engaged: Automatically follow up with users when you release a feature, fostering a robust feedback loop.

Streamline Business Formation with Doola’s API

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What's the Integration: Doola is a ground-breaking platform that simplifies business formation processes. Whether you're forming an LLC, a DAO LLC, or a C Corp, Doola's intuitive API has you covered. From business registration to securing your EIN, and even opening your business bank account, Doola provides a seamless experience for startups across all 50 U.S states.
Why it's Exciting: Business formation has never been easier. Gone are the days of tedious paperwork and back-and-forth with various agencies. With Doola, you can form your company in any state from anywhere in the world. Plus, Doola doesn't stop at registration; it also helps you open your business bank account, ensuring a smooth start for your venture.
How to Leverage It:
  • Launch Your Business with Ease: Regardless of your business type - LLC, C Corp, or DAO LLC - Doola can get your company up and running swiftly and efficiently.
  • Automate Business Registration: Use Doola's API to automate the business formation process or offer it as a service to your users. Free up time to focus on building your company.
  • Get Comprehensive Support: Not just registration, but also obtaining your EIN and opening your business bank account, Doola provides all-around support to kickstart your business.

Maximize Your Revenue with Spiffy's Intelligent Checkouts

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What’s the Integration: Spiffy redefines your e-commerce experience with conversion-optimized checkouts and upsell flows. With a track record of over a billion data points and $600M in sales, Spiffy creates intelligent checkout pages that enhance the purchase journey for your customers, improving the sales of your productized services and digital products.
Why it’s exciting: Spiffy's single-step checkouts provide a streamlined buying experience that converts more prospects into customers. Their Upsell Flows feature ensures you maximize your revenue from each sale.
How to Leverage It:
  • Increase Conversions: Use Spiffy's single-step, conversion-optimized checkouts to transform more prospects into customers.
  • Maximize Revenue: Leverage Upsell Flows to boost your earnings from each sale.
  • Create a Variety of Offers: Spiffy's visual editor allows you to charge and manage subscriptions, payment plans, free trials, paid trials, upfront deposits, add ons, upsell offers, and more, with ease.
And there you have it! This mini spotlight has provided a glimpse into the exciting new additions to our Integrations Directory. If you're eager to explore further ways to enhance your applications, don't forget to subscribe to our Integrations Directory newsletter. By doing so, you'll stay up-to-date with the latest integrations, news, and exciting developments. Happy integrating!
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